learning about things
[really learning
about real things]
how the animal is
before agendas
reshape him –
what is truly known
about where we came from
how we’ve grown…
even, what makes a poem
a poem

when horsethievery
acquires the patina
of old money,
one in every hundred or so
of those with privilege
acquires a taste
for the truly finer things
in life…such as genuine


PS. I do NOT mean to suggest that the ivy leagues and the ivory towers are always the guardians of true knowledge (they lie regularly, are as deceitful and self-serving as other institutions) merely that leisure is an enabler when it comes to seeking truth.


Cognitive Bias I

Icy wind and near-blue snow
gone as far as that ship could go
when a swabbie fell out…

Hours left to walk about
trying to stay warm
enough to survive…

circling around
                  and around…

At last the shivering lad was found
and he was blanketed and grogged
massaged and mildly drugged…

But since that day
he cannot be debunked !
Sleeps in his longjohns
although we are now
nearing the equator
he pleads and wimpers maybe later
refuses to believe
he will ever be warm again
even though the ship’s
thermometer might read 110!


You can’t convince a believer of anything; for their belief is not based on evidence, it’s based on a deep seated need to believe. — Carl Sagan
I wrote, awhile back, that the limit of intelligent argument was that it could only persuade an intelligent audience. Flip, perhaps, but not meant to be just clever – a word I hate, btw. I mention this to explain the title – one of a series of allegoric pieces I hope – that will at very least lay groundwork for easing the deluded out of their delusions. What were once useful cognitive processes in human evolution are showing themselves in recent decades (if not centuries!) to be more than mildly deleterious to human advancement.  If Sagan was absolutely right…we are in deep shit unless we can somehow break through the barrier of irrationality.



To come to an understanding

What went wrong? Happens every day: combination punch of church and school, family and foxie news knocks the moxie out of a tot until…he implodes (as a rule) and the inborn humanism can be replaced by consummerism… and the formatted robot is then free to die for bits of coloured cloth and pie in the sky. Please try to understand this, my friend, so that we might get to Eden in the end.



Let’s hear it for the wobblies

And when this not-even-a-game-anymore is over
and the guys at Goldman Sachs are popping corks
on stuff that costs a month of some people’s
salary and laughing their asses off at how you
schmucks keep playing this lose-lose thing
over and over and over again…without getting it…
when six months later (if they wait that long)
the grid blows or the sham shows –
maybe you’ll understand why Mother Goose
doesn’t vote anymore – not since she was
vaccinated against politics…
shots from a grassy knoll.

Turn out the lights and lock up when you’re
through kiddies.

(on reading https://mgpiety.org/2016/03/01/on-political-realism/)

Lysistrata – or: seems women have gotten dumber

(and how well I know this will all be misunderstood)

She will not win – or if She win, a loss to make pyrrhic
look like a picnic, more than destruction for sure
as even computers need one binomial, a yin-yang off-on

Recall the lie so glib, and you, m’am, its target, perfect
market for their canned goods. More brilliant yet: Freedom
is yours, they said, just learn to type, and oh the hype
that sold you Independence . . . on an assembly line.

Usually you were brighter than men (or I doubt humanity
would have made it even this far) but these last rounds
you caught up quickly with cancer rates of your partners –
so chic to smoke, so liberating

. . . and in the end, a nation of Calamity Janes weeping
for the children they hardly ever see, turning summersaults
on stallions in boardrooms and shooting Stetsons in mid air.
Bunch of jerks, if you ask me.

Winning is what men do, darlings. Fighting, competing,
winning. Wake up ladies. Time to forget about winning.
Sooner or later everyone loses competitive games. Time
to remember you have a family now numbered in billions




We the people…

We the people…
no; cross that out;
make it:
We, freemasons, anglo-saxon, slave-owning,
landed male gentry…
We, beloved of bankers…
We in high places [damn, we OWN the high places]
We in high places
who everybody wants to be friends with…
We have undertaken to free ourselves
from the tyranny and taxation of the British Crown
the better to insure that we can
rapaciously tax and tyrannize YOU.



Wild Horses in the Snow

Wild horses in the snow
…wild horses
galloped in the snow…
no shake of bell
or creak of wheel…
less sound than pulse
as I watched them go…
a blur of manifold nobility
to stir great longings
for…somewhere else
less marred by rank futility

Where men are kind
man turns his mind
to finer things.




Half-limp, I lean out the rear view
eyes stretched beyond cliffs
and over hills and far away
eyes weep for the prancing
flimsy remains of our sanity –
pride of craftsmanship – love
of neighbour – simple honesty

Over the hulking hulls
and fucking fed up to the gills
I watch the greedy gulls and buzzards
take their fill of muck and filth
and candied mediocrity –
at once pretending they are all
lustrous Peregrine falcons dining
on real foie gras & sturgeon eggs
sweet jesus, the stench of these dregs



[Isaac Newton believed in alchemy]

Isaac Newton believed in alchemy
Albert Einstein misread his own genius
Great minds don’t always get it right
Not even Noam Chomsky

Beware of anyone using the term
“conspiracy theorist”
it’s ruling class code for idiot
a slur
like kike or polack
standard disinformation tactic
to shift focus
away from the question
and onto the questioner

beware of those who say
“whatever the hell that is”
since google will lead
directly to an answer
for just about anything
of that nature
including “nanothermite”

personally, I have no “theories”
what I do have
are questions

you don’t have to be a physicist
[or even a carpenter]
to know when a table wobbles

you don’t have to be a goose
to know when an egg is rotten

you don’t have to be a genius
or an expert
to know you’ve been lied to
any five-year-old can tell –
and so can the seriously
retarded – in fact
they detect bullshit
faster than those
of average intelligence.

On the virtual graves of a few thousand
millions more have been exterminated
like bugs

Dissent is a form of patriotism,
and as Howard Zinn noted
Civil disobedience is not our problem.
Our problem is civil obedience.

The cancer in the belly
of the empire is apathy

Whatever else you do:
don’t dial 911