What I am learning on walks with Henry

Half around my coastal town
are houses nested in hills,
half-hidden by hedges and trees –
the way things ought to be.

Forest for me is forbidding –
though perhaps not for ursidae
but surely when comes a grey day
[and it does tend to rain alot here.]

On the other hand, nothing but buildings?
For all but roaches and rats would seem
like something slipped out of a bad dream
and more than depressing, I fear.

So dear Mister Frost, you are wrong
although it has taken quite long
this person who lives on a bay
does not always look one way.

– – –

One of my favourite, favourite poems in any language:


The people along the sand
All turn and look one way.
They turn their back on the land.
They look at the sea all day.

As long as it takes to pass
A ship keeps raising its hull;
The wetter ground like glass
Reflects a standing gull.

The land may vary more;
But wherever the truth may be—
The water comes ashore,
And the people look at the sea.

They cannot look out far.
They cannot look in deep.
But when was that ever a bar
To any watch they keep?

Also:: I hold with the idea that alot means much
and a lot is where you sell used cars




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