Empathy 2 (wip)

If I tell you this
you will think it is
a kind of wishful thinking
[or that maybe I’ve been drinking]
you will think I’m
if I tell you men are blinded
by fat bank accounts

But it is known –
has been empirically shown –
that a poor man sees even a cat starving
and cares [even takes him upstairs
and feeds him four squares]
while a rich man
may not even see the cat!

It’s as simple as that.

There is a messenger
in the body
a circuit easier to find
than the meridians
of acupuncture
[the vegus nerve
is real, people!]

and it appears that when you acquire
more money than you actually need
[when you give in and worship God Greed]
it seems to impede
circulation on this nerve route –
[weight of all those zeros, no doubt]

I swear I am not making this up
soon as your cup runneth over
you should stop!

Or you will damage
any hope you have
of love and happiness

because your mirror neurons
will not mirror –
and your vegus nerve will not fire
and you will never truly connect
[your love life will be wrecked!]
and you’ll be locked in – all alone 
with nothing but your own feelings…
and your heart will turn to stone.

and you’ll end up a puppet

or a cartoon of a human –

a dead man moving




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