The enemy is everywhere – part two

why do you care, he said
it’s over there – it’s somewhere else
it’s not next door; it’s not your home.

is he right? am I mad?
surely nuts to think
that because I live on earth
what happens here
concerns me.

I have mostly human blood, I think
although in a previous life
I was a peregrine falcon

even today I identify with gulls

some speak of arab blood
or jewish blood

but as Shylock sort of said
it’s mostly red…
and no matter
what gibberish
he carried ’round in his head
the world is more
than 6,000 years old!

see, once upon a time…
nah, it’d take too long.
ayway, all you need to know
is that we all
had the same great-grandmother.

… and speaking of grandmothers.
If you kill my grandmother
do I have a right
to kill your grandchild?
Now how crazy do you have to be
to think so?
Will I be that insane one day?

And America is another
in the long gnarled histories
of bullyboy evictions.
It wasn’t discovered;
it was invaded
No white european
ever had “a right” to this land.
They stole it – acre by acre
never keeping word given
to the native nations
as they drove
in wobby wagons

These are facts.
Not fairy stories.

Those I really feel for some days
are the goats
with their cocky brass bells
on the rocky hills of Palestine
getting the shit kicked out of them
for no rational reason.




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