The enemy is everywhere

I sit and look, I guess
like a shepherd’s crook
but it’s not a book
[not even a kindle]
that I hunch over.
It’s a screen…
know what I mean?
I sit and tap tap tap
like a rained-on bird
at an autumn window

Some bastard
has borrowed my identify
[usurped is probably
closer than borrowed]
and now
[beyond harrowed]
I’m trying
to figure out a way
to reach the support team
which is really
an algorhythmnblues deal
not really real

and my friends
and my followers

do they wonder what got into me
to suddenly be sounding
like some radical Zionist
{is there any other kind?]
swearing to bash the head
of every baby in Gaza?

In my bilingual lunacy now
I want to tweet

N’oubliez pas l’horreur
des chambres à Gaza

but some would suspect
frivolity where – in truth –
there is only
the shattered glass
of the victorious crow
parading on the sill

you can’t say anything anymore
that doesn’t offend
we’ve all turned semi-mute
self-censoring to boot

they may as well have me in custody




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