Oh look, Narcissus is laughing…

It’s always that one
isn’t it?
Not poetry, really
More just that one poem –
that one line you want to write –
that one that will find the way
to slip under the radar
into the day after
steal across the border
without you.

That one that will say
I was here, dammit…
Remember me?

Oh, at the best of times
that isn’t what you want to say –
and surely
but of course
it stands to reason…
shit, it stands to more
than that even…

I mean, wouldn’t we all
like to be the one
to bring this wretched
creature – this vain, subhuman
truly wretched race we belong to –
to its senses?.

Crying Save the peacocks
Save the owls
and save the loons
Save the gibbons
and baboons
Save the canary, the family cat…
Dear gods please save ..IUS RIDEAT.  





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