The Partaking

The coming legion, she said
{in radiant, radical optimism]
would convert the myriad pyramids
into one sphere – more
in keeping with our place here
in the universe

It would be a green party
with no pin or tailnipped beast
or blindfolds
just a colourful feast
and the music of birds in the trees
and the humming of a zillion bees
{all working for us!]
and the world would remember
how to partake – be generous
with fruits of field and vine.
None would screech It’s mine, It’s mine

in its soul means
for the many
not the few, she said
quoting that real Labour guy
[who was half-quoting Shelley!]
as had those New York garment ladies
one hundred years before.
Wherever you go, seems
leaders shake their fists
but the people? People everywhere
want peace not war. Peace
always tops their lists.

would resound, she said
like the the beating of swords
into ploughshares
the joyous sharing
of metaphoric milk and honey
more in keeping with our place
here in the galaxy

…and money? Money is only
a measure, a convenience, a tool
that can never replace clean air or water
and only a fool would fail
to see this.




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