where the secret lies

Why, do you suppose – or, perhaps, how is it  – that  never 
has there ever been a truly lasting peace on this earth ?
There does seem to be some concensus 
that if all humanity is ever to breathe free
walk upright – unafraid, unhungry 
then it is Love that must surely light the way
If this be so, then where does it lie
the kink in the machinery – 
the spanner in the works ?
Is it possible we use a word
that has no substance – or is it rather …
that the Love I speak of
is not the stuff that greeting cards are made on  
not something one gives someone  or gets from another
not a gift or a prize…but a form of grace born within –
truly inside – and this Love, this philos,
is brother to the elusive understanding
that no one is ever solely right.

There is no hard cold truth out there – no absolute certainty
there can’t be – for in every act of seeing
there is the seer – you cannot see the big picture
any more than you can see the back of your head.
Only when people come to accept this –  this undeniable reality –
that there can be no absolute certainty –
is there perhaps a chance that they will find 
not just the way,  but indeed the reason
to look deep into the eyes of an enemy

and if i believe anything, it is that
it is there – in that understanding
of unavoidable fallibility –
that this beleaguered race of warriors will ever find
the path to peace. 




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