A line is drawn…

Controversy? What controversy?
I am no longer willing to debate objective truths
with the ill-informed and stupid.

I refuse to pretend any longer
that truth is subject to controversy.
Or that the truth is ever anti-semitic.
Or that anyone who speaks the truth
is necessarily a nazi.
There is no evidence for the existence of the god –
or gods, if you look closely – of revealed religions.
EXACTLY as there isn’t any to support belief in Zeus
or Krisna or Santa Claus. I will not debate
the fact of evolution any more, period.
I will not tolerate it being any more open for debate than,
say, germ theory or the theory of gravity.
These things ARE and your belief in them is not required.
Faith, by definition, means you defend ideas
for which you have no valid evidence.
You may, if you chose, believe; go ahead –
make an ass of yourself.
I will not burn you at the stake,
cut out your heart or take revenge
through any of the barbaric acts
used to silence truth in the past,
but if I had my way, the ignorant
and the braindead would not be allowed to vote




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