New Testament Hogwash

Luke says Heli was Joseph’s father
Jacob’s the one that Matthew names –
beats me still why either’d bother
with any  paternal  geneological games
        unless they were trying to make the case
        for an earthly king – a political race –
        that’s what messiah means in Hebrew shorthand
        a Jewish king… for a tormented occupied land…

and that is probably what the first century bible authors were after.

Matthew can count back to David
in 26 go-rounds – It takes Luke 41 begats
to cover the exact same ground.
One gospel takes him back to  Nathan
the other via Solomon’s son
but nowhere even  a minor ovation
for the Jewish Miriam’s annointed son.
That a man is a Jew by his mother
doesn’t seem to have occurred to either.
Any who could find such gospels infallible
are, by my lights, more than just gullible.




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