Come my darlings, one and all, come dance
beneath the mirror ball. Each facet there reflects
a beam – one of a trillion – unique as a dream.

We are just this and nothing more – like rays of Sun
we emanate, perhaps, from one – and this can have no name
save all names – in every dialect and tongue.

Perceive the unity comprised of individualities –
not mine or yours or his. No kingdoms barred
or closed, just aspects: no private principalities.

Light your candles and your incense, drink your wine
in chalices, it remains that heaven can be known
only in its entirety, not gated palaces.

The violent sun is all ray, the quiet moon,
all reflection – diversity is glory:
that is the sole perfection!

With words we differentiate – such persiflage
is language that it grows stale and evil
when it results in separation.

Perhaps we are – each and every one – a holographic creation.
It would be hell if there were just one book ! Treat traditions –
at best – as  guides to show you where and how to look.




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