Iago & co

Advice to the idiot male (or is that redundant ?)
Listen, O, when those bastards (mostly men,
but guilty birds make you fellas look like amateurs) –
say, when those bastards start tellin’ ya what
she don’t know won’t hurt her
and crap like
she’s probably like the rest of them and
cosi fan tutte – buster, you’re frutti if
you don’t see that they are just hot
for what you got goin’. Common parlance
calls it jealousy – more the last five letters
than the first three, if ya ask me – and anyway,
thing to remember, see, is what they are promoting
may not hurt her at all but sooner or later,
it just might rip the shit out of your guts –
and exactly when your back’s to the wall, too
ya dumb bunny.




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