Jesus, Mercy!

Neither Love nor Faith
can be proven rhetorically.
They concern caring –
caring for – not caring about
that velvet loge in the sky
and your presumably
airtight reservations.

Life, Love, Faith
are as per now –
the original drama
not the sequel.
Beautiful or wasted,
they are never fictional.

Faith is not a philosophical
conundrum, a transcribed
circumscribed proposition –
that’s religion – the greatest
barrier to holy communion
ever invented.

can never be bound
in moroccan leather
not even with gold leaf.

comes about not at recitation
of eminently dead words
but at struggling immitation
of a holy lifestyle –
the best biography of St Francis
of Assisi was probably written
by an atheist and there have been
witnesses to the wisdom of Yeshoua
ben Joseph who never heard of him
and never read falsified accounts
of his birth in Nazareth nor stories
purporting to be about his ministry.

To be worthy to call oneself a christian
is to care and to share –
actively, unstintingly
The rest is bullshit.





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