[I apologize for the smirk]

I apologize for the smirk
I do try to hide it
when  I hears ‘em like barnyard fowl
cluckin’ heavens and hells and
blessings and gods – words
the arf-arf dogma-ridden believe
they hold some kinda copyright on.
An army of Chicken Little – with a printed  
prop, reinforcin’ each other’s delusions
at every op, pretendin’ there’s some
truth in numbers, which is just silly, man.
Don’t matter how many say the earth
is flat, ain’t never gonna fit in a frying pan.
Shit, even Jesus – guy with a mission
(not to mention a fine-tuned sense
of metaphor) well he really did try
to clue folks in about multiplicities
and infinitudes of love. Out of kindness.
Shows what you gonna get for tryin’
to be genuinely helpful and kind.

Come to think of it, Jesus never
wrote an effin’ line; maybe that’s
what made him the perfect man –
And he never said give us this day
our steak and kidney pie, either.




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