To Catch The Wind

There’s a trick somewhere, a little bear-shaped piece
that’s missing, the blind spot in the big picture,
a spell, a trinket, I don’t know what to call it –

There is something we are missing –
have missed, for generations,
forever, maybe. Not ”god,”
not magic, voodoo, horseshit
something infinitely simpler.
Not a teleology that just baptizes
First Cause…’cause that explains nothing,
just a slight of hand removal of the question.
No, something simple –
so simple, in fact, we’ve missed it.
Consciousness arises from matter –
we reduce this to neurotransmitters,
but that explains process, not origin…
and may even prove, (like a physics equation)
to be reversible. Maybe matter
arises from spirit..the undefinable, really.
(I don’t know, got nothing to sell
and not looking to get elected.)

However, my Idiocy Of The Year award
goes to those now saying god doesn’t exist,
it’s just that we have “god-receptors” in the brain.
(I swear this is called science.)
That’s like saying Mozart doesn’t exist,
it’s just that you have ears.

I am not “a believer”… nor am I
an atheist – which is the flip side
of the same coin – I’m just curious…
(Buddha was “awake.”)
and as it is an open question,
every now and then…
I just walk in and think about it.

And I keep coming back to this,
this whatever – like the smell of tobacco
you can never get out of the drapes –
there is something obvious
so obvious that we just don’t see…
something terribly simple
much simpler than any hocus-pocus
thing I can’t name but that I say is missing.
Simple. Like cookies and milk in first grade.

Fifteen minutes heads on desks.
Maybe that way we’ll find it.




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