I read the news and I want puke, listen –
Islam is not more violent than the pentateuch,
it is simply the age Christianty was when
Pope whoever gave dispensation
for all that crusading decapitation –
That shalt not kill – unless – unless –
the profit margins are irressistable!
They sing what child is this at christmas…
but what god is this I wonder, the rest of the year
What deity would sanction – indeed encourage –
so much bloodshed ? Man created religion to protect
himself from the dead – from death and dying –
when the planet of necessity is one almighty cemetery!
Living is simply one side of a coin. and no matter
how thin you slice it…there will always be
that other side. Better tell the uelemas and the pontifs
to step aside – and hide all the unholy books
in unreachable nooks and get on with the buiness of living…
and let your dealings with Whatever Force,
be strictly in the nature of a Thanksgiving.




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