Harry the Howler / Behold the Recondite

  I : 1 – Harry the Howler nearly hit by lightning.
          Shivers, jumps then scooter hotfoots it a-way
          Never gonna stand near that rock again !
          Won’t leave the cave when the day sky goes gray !

          I : 2  Along comes super-cranial abstracting ape
          (You recognize him, sure; it’s your uncle Agamemnon)
          Next thing you know, lightnin’ ain’t lightnin’ no more;
          It’s some weirdly-equipped dude no one’s ever laid eyes on!

          I : 3 And now macaques and chimps of every stripe
          Slicing up and stewing fellow tree-dwellers, left, right
          And center, outlawing – outright – each other’s recondite. . .
          Almighty God
                of Lightnin’  
                      Behold behold the recondite !
                               Yea, he dwelleth among uth




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