There was a man of peace in Galilee…?

Seems there might have been in Galilee
a man did parlour tricks with loaves and fishes.
Legend claims he walked out on the sea –
legends, like those tales of ghosts and witches.

This Nazarene held Man close to his heart
(like Francis, who loved birdies in the sky)
though tots and women got the better part –
they loved us all. . . and god alone knows why!

Churchmen killed him – not “The Jews” for sure
(or had Pilate do it – which is much the same)
Clergy, high priests, elders of the cure –
fat cat brokers in the age-old game.

Like those who torched the Vosgian Virgin
for almost an identical reason –
mess with our clerical profit margin
say, fella, that’s worse than  treason.

No one who choses to follow Yeshoua
would ever think to crown a man a king
or baptize battleships or kiss a chieftan’s
fancy ring – in the name of The Prince of Peace?
You’re either crazy or joking – that or deaf
dumb and blind. Recite a pledge
of a single allegiance
and pretend you love all mankind?

[and the word “recite” is the operative word
can’t just repeat lines you’ve already heard…]

So I say to all you Sunday folks
in your pretty polished pews
go on believing the bs you hear
each day on the six o clock news.
As for the possible Prince of Galilee…
it’s what he may have said that counts for me
and when it comes to love and charity
no tribe on earth can claim monopoly.





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