What do you say after you say EUREKA!

Sometimes I think the drive, the urge to possess, is not so much to acquire (whatever) but to find the means of acquiring it. I wonder if understanding the hunt might demand more than an understanding of the quarry. How often, indeed, is the possession – whatever is newly posssessed – immediately devalued, replaced by a new urge, a further need? The perpetual absence of satisfaction seems most frequently faced by those who aquire with no effort; it is probably the preeminent disease of the rich, but of course we all devalue to some extent what is too easily acquired. As with love itself, joy is more in the “doing” the active side rather than the having. How much more exciting “I am getting married” than “I got married.” The reason is both obvious and subtle: process implies a future while stasis comprises (and can therefore point to) the past. Even the moribund are more drawn to what lies ahead and saddened in noting that their life is behind them. It is so obvious that its deepest significance might be overlooked. Isn’t romance largely an affair of strategems, as in those wonderfully diverting black and white films of the forties? His wily ways to get her; her equally amusing tactics to…in fact isn’t this the meat and potatoes of romance? Happily ever after…that’s where we are left, of necessity, because what follows is a kind of boredom. Either that, or dissensions set in, which – happily! – require a new series of discoveries, means and methods leading to new happinesses. The delaying of accomplishment also forestalls disappointment! Greyhound had it right: getting there IS half the fun. Maybe more than half. We are an ACTIVE clever monkey and I do suspect we are happiest in hot pursuit.




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