We hold these truths…?

I don’t hold those
brashly proclaimed truths
as self-evident at all.
The idea of equality
is a nice idea, maybe –
gender, race, whatever –
but for starters
we are not created equal –
not equally endowed
by birth nor equally gifted
[beautiful, etc.] which is sad
but a matter you’ll hafta
take up with god
when he gets back from vacation.

Some of us will always be
smart while others are not –
but nothing compels that
we take advantage of that fact

In other words
we will never achieve a
truly level playing field
but it would be helpful
to at least begin
by destroying the myth
that one already exists!

Certainly we can establish
laws and protect their
observance so that a lord be
as guilty of theft as a beggar
and maybe even moreso.

At least in principle.
And whatever. But no fair
and just society is in any way
self-evident except perhaps
to bougeois existentialists
(suivez mon regard).

Donchya just love it when
the children of the elite –
the fortunate by wealth
or luck – proclaim
that all you have
to do is recognize your
individuality to be able
to extract pleasure and
meaning from life? Funny
no guy back from the Gulag
has ever come to these apparently
obvious conclusions.  

In summing up – since you
likely have other things to do –
the game is seriously rigged
to begin with and it’s about time
we stopped making things even worse.  





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