Intelligent Design? In a pig’s eye

…or rather, in a chameleon’s eye
cause kama-kama can see even more
than both sides of any question
as he has a 360-degree field of vision

At dusk when we can see
next to nothing [and
all of that grey] dragonfles
see a rich array of colours

The four-eyed fish has one pair for
air vision, the other for under water
[which is useful, as he’s a fish!]

But the mantis shrimp is top of the pops
where eyes are concerned: he sees
more colours than we do [maybe even
ultra-violet] AND he has trinoccular sight –
visual depth perception!

Intelligent Design? Perhaps, but ya gotta admit
guy-in-the-sky loves the chameleon, the dragonfly
the four-eyed fish and some big shrimp
more than he ever loved us…




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