The Men’s Club (2013)

George: I see by the papers that that major Italian
real estate firm founded by a jewish convert –
Charles: Jesus ?
George: No no; not him; he had nothing to do with it;
it was that other one…what’s his name…
Charles: Roses are reddish violets are bluish; if it weren’t
for SAUL we we would ALL be jewish?
George: Yes. That’s the one. Paul. Anyway, the company has
just elected its new CEO and he’s from yet another company
founded by a jewish convert – the Company of Jesus, I think
they called themselves, the Jesuits. Import-export mostly.

(after a pause)

Charles: Do you think Shakespeare might have been Jewish?
George: Is there any evidence of his conversion?
Charles: No. Only records that he couldn’t spell his own name.
George: Yes. And owned no books. Amazing what people
will believe, isn’t it. Another whiskey, Charles?
Charles: Don’t mind if I do, George. Don’t mind if I do.




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