djeva notice
how unbelievers tend to stand alone
while the unrelentingly devout
travel in packs?

Just a majority, you say ?

I for one
(gosh I sure do love that expression)
yes, I suspect the story doesn’t end there
that some people only know what they believe
if whole flocks are ready to sign
on the dotted line

On the other hand
(love that expression too)
I believe a person some folks call an unbeliever
may be just someone who knows his own mind, his own thoughts
and yes, even his own gods

America was once a place
where rugged individuality
was prized
we didn’t have to know
which pew you sat in
to shake your hand
decent fella
got a decent reception

And If he didn’t try to steal your chickens
or get too close to your wife and daughters
things stayed that way

And if he was, well
quirky or ornery
preferred his own company
we just let him be –
which ain’t the same thing
as letting him go hungry

Or am I dreaming

Was there never such a place
on god’s green earth
where people
just minded
their own




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