It’s all about Empathy

i don’t give a hoot in hell
for the fine points of theology –
morally ethically socially
the so-called christian gospels
are – beyond quibble –  a radical
departure from traditional thinking
in their proclaimed preference
for the downtrodden and the poor.

The preaching of Jesus the Nazarene
was no less radical in its concern
for the needs of men on earth  
than, say, the “gospel” of Prudhon
[who believed that ownership was theft]
or Adam Smith [who never said
what libertarians say he said –
indeed he said quite the opposite]

Yes, the message of Jesus
as recorded in the gospels
is no less radical than
that of that other
radical jew,
Karl Marx.

NB; It is easier
for a dromedary
to slip under
a rapidly lowered portcullis
than for a CEO in a Ferrari
to crash the gates
of the Elysian Fields.




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