The unholy trinity bears down

The unholy trinity bears down –
theology to persuade you 
to put up with the status quo 
in the belief that all will be righted 
in the next life  – but how can this be so 
since those allah-jehovah set-ups are 
just alternative top-down pyramids?
An economy that cannot function  
without wars that sacrifice your sons
[big money made on them big guns] 
increasing poverty for the many 
to increase wealth for the few
kleptocracy indistinguishable 
from the economic heirarchy 
but with the power to silence all dissent – 
that’s about the size of your government

“What capital does to labour, and the State to liberty, the Church does to the spirit.”
– Pierre-Joseph Prudhon, occasional antisemite, frequent mysogenist…
but nobody’s perfect




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