The REAL Sting

Big Bucks have convinced the fools
[through every screen and all the schools] 
that the coming conflagration 
pits Jesus against some Islamic nation 
[a conflict of world views, cultural outlooks, 
couched in inane & outdated books.]
This is to blind you to the fact 
that Jehovah & Allah are equally backed 
by those in favour of the status quo  –
branch offices of Almighty & Co.
It’s what the Big Bucks always do – 
invest in the American revolution
AND in the British Crown too
Back an ultra-rich Rupublican 
AND that mouthpiece who intoned yes we can 
They flip the coin with a sinister grin
and say heads you lose and tails I win. 
When are you gonna see it for the ripoff it is? 
Your pre-elected government is there to enforce 
an economic structure that could crush a horse !
and it does this backed solid and aligned 
with theologies invented to cripple the mind. 

forget about the wealthy middle-class Marx and his opiate; read Prudhon…the poor man’s revolutionary. The one they don’t want you to know about. 








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