deadlier than the mail?

every day 
I toodle down
key in hand 
to open the box 
and see if the pseudo-
need engineers
have outdone themselves
once again.
It has happened that
furious as a famished 
I have accidentally 
dumped important 
official documents 
in the recycle bin 
along with the insidious
ever-expanding encyclopedias 
of garbage flyers …
incensed that 
anyone is allowed 
to cut down trees 
in order to pitch me 
yet another 
plastic gadget 
designed with 
the dump in mind.
I’m considering 
filling a truck 
and hauling a full load 
to the steps of the capitol
and dousing it with 
keroscene – junk mail has nothing 
to do with so-called free markets 
it is obscene and should 
rightly be considerd 
only a moron needs 
anyone to tell them 
what they need
only the alienated 
can be persuaded 
to sell us what we don’t need 




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