more than mere word play

The word for make-up
in French is fard

That is also the acronym
for the components of religion

If you were instructed
[indoctrinated, compelled]
to believe in invisible landlords
before your seventh birthday
you would find it very hard
as an adult
to think of yourself
as anything but a tenant –
a serf
an indentured servant…

perhaps you will never BE
a fully-fledged adult . . .
as the man is never truly free
to choose
if the child
was carefully bamboozled.

Were you taught to think?
Or simply to obey –
to have faith
respect authority
believe someone else’s revelations
accept your tribe’s traditional rickety dogma

Rebel !
Rebel first and foremost
against the threat of hell
accept no vacant promises of paradise…
feel free to seek – and construct –  your own.







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