Y Estas Visionnes de Johanna VIII

They think if they bring me to him…
they think if she only knew god
It never occurs to these meddling
fools that I do know god – we have
in fact, a long-standing understanding.
The Ground of Being has no quarrel with me
it dispairs, rather, of the proselytisers
with their mealy-mouthed blessings
leaking out of their self-satisfied grins,
as if it were incombent upon them
to speak in someone else’s name.
I do believe what they call god is angry at times
that they have no shame and continue to speak
as if he spoke only hebrew or arabic or greek
when everything that lives
and breathes…

Can they not hear it in the trees
in the windy rains of fall
your self is the self-same self
as the Self of all –
the great pulse that prompts
the leaves in spring – your carbon
would burn on a barbecue
your chalk would write on a wall –
you are what earth is made of – bits of
lithium lace and iron filings – amalgamated dust
that – every day and twice on Sunday –
turns wine into water and bread
into fecal matter. You were synthesized
in accordance with the laws of chaos
and chemistry…the laws of Nature
that can never be transgressed
by puny men – however well they enunciate
however well they’re dressed!




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