Petit Testament

if you cannot hear, my babes, it is because your mother had your ear from your day one and past a year or two – and so because of this you mostly misconstrue the merit of my argument: that ALL told lies though many meant no ill [nor knew untruths to be untrue] in warning you of sin and pains of hell; yes, they meant well but [so it goes] they too had known a mother – she herself lied to, being just a simple person with no way to lay a claim to truth concealed beneath the dungheap of lies called truth revealed – fictions of lunatics and epileptics and all manner of conniving souls down through the ages… and few the stalwarts daring contradict, and few the sages – For such it is that wealth may shield the truth from simple eyes [how I do despise them who knowingly wield their prestige and ill-gotten fortune thus] In short, my babes: Religion is a scandal, rank contagious pus – The Lie Imperium – to keep poor peoples cowed, head duly bowed and fearful of Almighty Scarecrow none can see save in delirium – keep us hoping for a cock-eyed afterlife although the sun alone, true light of heaven, may rise once it has fallen. The light that ripens wheat and leaves the trees…? The only truths there are are these: Let it be plainly said and never feared that once you die, you’re dead; there is no sin, just ignorance. Live life, sweet babes in loving tolerance and believe – if you see fit – that men were good before one word was writ. Live This Your Life and, henceforth, babes …try to live it in the present tense.




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